Wednesday, 14 September 2011

An Attempt At Blogging....again

This is not my first blog post.

I have tried this before. It was three years ago. I was all set and excited. I was going to write every single day. It was going to be beast yo.

Five posts and I was gone.

I wasn't exactly disappointed in myself. It wasn't as if the lack of a blog left a gaping hole in my life, but the more and more I think about it, I'd have things to say about certain subjects and I figured "Why not try again?" So, I decided to have another go at it. Perhaps I could maybe stick to it this time. I think I really got interested again when a friend of mine told me to start a blog, and I thought about it a lot. Then again, I made a YouTube channel, and I stopped after three videos.

I think that starting this is pretty much my attempt at not only getting my voice out there, but to also try to stay consistent with a project, whether it be blogs, YouTube videos, or scripts (crap, I should start working on that).

If there's gonna be a recurring subject in these posts, it will be movies. Yeah, it's definitely going to be movies. Maybe a rant every now and then or some opinion I'd have about a recent event, but expect loads of film-related posts.

That's if I actually post anything.

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